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Beyond Chemo

Join 18 of the world’s best cancer doctors and experts as they reveal the safe, natural treatments the $100 billion cancer industry doesn’t want you to know about

Meet Dr. Mark Stengler

As one of America’s leading naturopathic medical doctors, Dr. Stengler’s passion for natural healing infuses everything he does.

Episode 1: Beyond Chemo: Why your mainstream treatment isn’t enough (PLUS: six proven treatments to reverse cancer)

Episode 2: Cancer Detox:Understanding the root cause of cancer — and how to create an environment where cancer simply can’t survive

Episode 3: Cancer’s Kryptonite:Watch as the world’s best oncologists reveal their top cancer-killing secrets (including one that’s 34 TIMES more effective than chemo)

Episode 4: The Food/Diet Cure: 17 of the most powerful anti-cancer foods (and supplements) — and how to easily work them into your daily routine

Episode 5: Your Custom Cancer Protocol:How to treat — and cure — your specific diagnosis with a fully customized plan that’s tailored to your needs

Episode 6: How to Prevent the Cancer Comeback: Your step-by-step guide to overcoming the side effects of chemo, avoiding a recurrence, and living cancer-free for the rest of your life

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