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Dr. William Ranahan, a researcher, and the head of Oral Robert University’s Cancer Lab has successfully trained mushrooms to destroy cancer cells, “We have mushrooms growing just on cancer. They’ve figured out how to break them down,” he said.

Ranahan has been interested in cancer research for quite some time and in 2014 he received an award for advances in breast cancer research. At that time his main focus was on silencing a specific hormone called prolactin to stimulate cancer cell death; that discovery received a $4 million grant for further study.


But recently, he had what he described as a “eureka” moment: because mushrooms absorb and break down any material they grow on, Ranahan decided to try mushrooms to see if they would break down cancer cells, too.

Upon searching he found that no one else had done a similar study so he proceeded to begin the grant process for his research. He needed $50,000 to start but when someone heard about his work they donated the full amount.

Dr. William Ranahan was astonished to find out that live mushrooms can destroy cancer cells. PHOTO:

Ranahan and an engineering created an “interface that allowed growing mushrooms to interact with living cancer cells,” and with that, they were off.

Their experiment was successful,

“’We’ve taken mushrooms and trained them to destroy, eat, live off of cancer cells. I know that they’re releasing compounds that seem to be selectively destroying cancer cells…I don’t know what the compound is. I don’t know if it’s several compounds or one compound. We’re going to have to identify those, and that’s the next step,’ he told Tulsa World.”

His research is still ongoing. We will update you as soon as there is additional information.

Source: Alt Health Works

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