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14 Practical Tips for Using Oregano Essential Oil

By Michael Smith / January 5, 2017

Inside a bottle of oregano essential oil are powerful plant-based chemicals that can help you fight a virus, kill fungi and bacteria, chase off parasites, boost your immune system, counter the effects of aging, and so much more. In this article you’ll find out how oregano is being used for healing, the latest research, and […]


The Magnificence of Rose Essential Oil for Health…

By Michael Smith / December 9, 2016

Rose oil one of the most expensive oils on the market. That’s because it takes around 22 pounds (9.9 kg) of rose petals to create just 0.16 oz (5 ml) of rose essential oil. But what an oil it is! This article will divulge exactly what makes rose essential oil so magnificent, so healing, and one […]

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