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TURMERIC Can Change Your Life!

By Michael Smith / July 16, 2017

Turmeric may sound like a new spice but the truth is that this miraculous ingredient has been used for a hundred of years due to its wonderful medicinal properties. Over a thousand scientific studies conducted from different parts of the world have confirmed turmeric’s potential to cure and prevent numerous health conditions and illnesses. According to legend, the wise […]


A Q&A With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. About Vaccine Safety

By Michael Smith / March 23, 2017

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his team recently launched The World Mercury Project, whose mission is to raise public awareness of the sources and dangers of mercury, help treat those who have been personally affected by mercury exposure, and push for safe and responsible removal of mercury in all consumer projects and industrial processes. The group highlights the fact that […]


Start meal planning to change your life

By Michael Smith / February 14, 2017

If you feel like weekly healthy meals is just too difficult to maintain, try meal planning.  Meal planning with batch cooking and a stocked pantry, you will discover that life is much easier. From the Kitchn. Welcome to our Healthy Habit Challenge! Instead of focusing on (impossible-to-keep) New Year’s resolutions, this year we’re challenging four […]


6 Diseases Your Lack Of Sleep Could Be Causing

By Michael Smith / February 6, 2017

Sleep is of extreme importance for the overall health of the individual, both, mentally and physically. It is a way to recharge after the long and stressful day. While sleeping, millions of processes continue to happen in the body, helping the brain to store the important data in the memory, and the cells work to repair […]


This Is The Reason You Need To Stop Using Vaseline!

By Michael Smith / January 16, 2017

The chances that you have a jar of Vaseline in your medicine cabinet are quite big. Namely, millions of people use it as a remedy for dry skin, diaper rash, congestion and chapped lips. Sadly, this popular product causes way more harm than you ever thought. What is Actually Petroleum Jelly? Vaseline is the brand […]


Scientists Warn That U.S. Salmon May Contain Japanese Tapeworm

By Michael Smith / January 13, 2017

  Imagine countless little worms living inside you that steal your nutrients and proteins and in return release bacteria and viruses into your system. Well, odds are this is exactly what’s happening inside your body, as approximately 90% of people have a problem with parasites (and yes, that includes North Americans).  A recent study published in the Centers for Disease […]


Doctors Warn: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop Now

By Michael Smith / January 10, 2017

We all use aluminum foil in the kitchen, for cooking, and wrapping, and we often use it to treat some common ailments. Yet, a recent study has found that there are some important things we do not know about this kitchen staple. First of all, aluminum is a neurotoxic heavy metal that has severe side-effects […]


Popular Organic Bread Company Bought out by Staunchly Pro-GMO Corp

By Michael Smith / January 4, 2017

Killer Bread” Bought by Atlanta Corp. Among companies that have donated against the mandatory labeling of GMOs (a right afforded to citizens of 60+ countries), the little known Flowers Foods of Atlanta has been one of the worst offenders. Out of a list of 68 companies spending big money to stop GMO state labeling bills, […]


The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly

By Michael Smith / January 2, 2017

In 2016, approximately 1,685,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States. Of those people, approximately 600,000 people will die from the disease. Statistics tell us that men have an almost a 50 percent chance of contracting the disease some point during their lifetime while women have a 1/3 chance. Sad. But, in the […]


Cancer is Curable NOW – The Must Watch Documentary

By Michael Smith / December 14, 2016

Cancer is the plague of modern times. Its treatment requires heavy medications, and the cancer industry makes billions of dollars in profits. Watch the following documentary that combines the opinions of many experts around the world. Share it, so that everyone can know the truth about cancer. You will also learn more about the natural […]


Fake Breast Cancer News from the American Cancer Society

By Michael Smith / December 5, 2016

Fake Breast Cancer News from the American Cancer Society How do you know when medical news is fake? Can you trust what you read simply because it comes from an allegedly reputable source? To learn more about how bras affect health, visit For the past 21 years, since the publication of my book, Dressed to […]


Primary Causes Of Breast Cancer You’ll Want To Know

By Michael Smith / November 11, 2016

Today, it is very important to know how to maintain a strategic distance from cancer. The thing you’re about to read is worth sharing! It is an everyday standard for a great many people to put on a deodorant without much thinking to it. Yet here’s the reason you ought to: in the event that […]


How To Make Perfect Ginger Water And Treat Joint and Muscle Pain, Migraines, Fever and Heartburn’s

By Michael Smith / November 11, 2016

The medicinal properties of ginger gave been known and used for centuries. This beneficial root is rich in vitamin C, A, and E, and minerals, like copper, manganese, potassium, and magnesium. Ginger is also believed to block prostaglandins, which cause inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and muscle contractions, which can cause migraines. It effectively calms the stomach […]


How LED Lighting May Compromise Your Health

By Michael Smith / October 28, 2016

By Dr. Mercola Can light affect your health? In this interview, Dr. Alexander Wunsch, a world class expert on photobiology, shares the hidden dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting that most people are completely unaware of. In fact, this could potentially be one of the most important video interviews I’ve done, as it has enormous […]

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