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Two Cancer Tests That Are Better Than PET Scans (video)

By Michael Smith / March 20, 2017

Video Transcript: Two Cancer Tests That Are Better Than PET Scans Ty Bollinger: Okay, for me it just make sense that you would measure the circulating tumor cells, the circulating stem cells, because that’s the real measure of the cancer. Not, “Did you cut out a tumor?” Dr. Bita Badakhshan: Exactly, and when I see a patient—a […]


Cancer is Curable NOW – The Must Watch Documentary

By Michael Smith / December 14, 2016

Cancer is the plague of modern times. Its treatment requires heavy medications, and the cancer industry makes billions of dollars in profits. Watch the following documentary that combines the opinions of many experts around the world. Share it, so that everyone can know the truth about cancer. You will also learn more about the natural […]

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