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Most likely, your eating habits were formed before you started elementary school. As you grew up, your family created the structure of daily food habits slid right into. Fast food in between activities.  Fast food or fast pick up food for dinner.  Most people tell me that they KNOW this isn’t the best way to handle feeding themselves or their family.  But what to do?

Taking classes, having a ‘teacher’ to work with, or friends who will partner with you makes a difference.  Learning from people who have found success in being healthy by cooking for themselves is an answer.  But you have to make time to learn.  It really doesn’t need to be hours and hours of learning.  I can teach you the basics in 3 hours.

Less than 60 percent of suppers served at home were actually cooked at home last year. Only 30 years ago, the percentage was closer to 75 percent. (Washington Post)

Knowing how to cook is a major component of health and wellness.  There aren’t nutritional labels to read on restaurant food, so they typically prioritize tasty ingredients for the healthier ones.  There are also possibly ingredients that aren’t safe for you or a family member to eat.

By cooking at home, you have control over the ingredients and can make dishes that cater to your or your family’s own tastes.  Hate onions or need to be gluten or dairy free, for instance?  You can leave difficult ingredients out of everything!  Trying to lose weight or increase wellness?  If you do the shopping, prep and cooking, you will know how many calories you consumed and vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients you ingested.

Cooking also makes people popular with friends and family and is a great creative outlet.  There is nothing quite like sitting around the table, enjoying a great meal.  Your hospitality is a gift to others and because it’s a multi-sensory experience, it often sticks with people.  It also really impresses romantic partners and places an emphasis on nurturing and sublime experiences.

Let’s talk.  I can show you easy tips to kick start your process.  Best of all, I will be available for questions, send hacks and tips to you monthly.  Maybe even an ebook here and there.

Take charge of your kitchen!!

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