healthyfood7You Are What You Eat

You may have heard this expression before.  And there is a basic truth here: we are a complex organism of cells regulated by metabolic processes which requires fuel for energy and nutrition to maintain life.  In short, we are as healthy as the food we feed ourselves.  Is the food we eat basically “dead” food that has vitamins and minerals processed out and then replaced with inorganic synthetic vitamins and minerals ?  It is important that you learn the difference between organic and inorganic compounds and the impact at the cellular level.  Here is a powerful statement from the book, Power Juices, Super Drinks:


“There are more doctors and scientists alive in the world today than there were 100 years ago, yet we have more cancers.  What has changed?  Arguably, it is our diet of mass-market, processed foods.  We take good whole foods such as grains, remove the germ (because it’s perishable), remove the bran, bleach out the uneven color, and add synthetic vitamins to replace the ones removed, all in an effort to achieve a longer shelf life for the product.  Have we exchanged shelf life for human life?



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