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Mineral water won’t cause heartburn, but it can improve the already existing heartburn and that’s why it would be best to avoid it.

Mineral water is a product which causes opposite opinions. Some people consider it healing, while others believe that the bubbly water isn’t nearly as healthy as regular water. Researches have broken 4 big myths about mineral water. Find out what the real truth is!


  1. MYTH: Mineral water doesn’t hydrate like regular water

It was considered that the carbon dioxide in mineral water prevents the body to absorb the moisture from mineral water, but research has shown that it’s not true. One study also concluded that mineral water has managed to recover people who exercise equally good as regular water after an intensive workout.

  1. MYTH: Mineral water is bad for your teeth and bones

Carbon acid, which appears when water and carbon dioxide merges with water, can destroy the dental enamel, but in order for that to happen you must drink enormous amounts of mineral water every day (6 liters). Besides that, a study which connected the connection of fizzy drinks and decreasing the density of bone in women, all kinds of mineral water received green light.

  1. MYTH: Mineral water isn’t a good help in losing weight as regular water

Mineral water can cause temporary bloating and in the long run, it can have a positive effect on your body line. Researches have shown that mineral water even creates a more effective sense of satiety than regular water, especially if you drink it on an empty stomach, which makes it an excellent ally in losing weight. You just have to avoid the versions of mineral water with artificial sweeteners that can actually increase your wish for something sweet.

If you add regular water a healthy ingredient, you can get a super healthy beverage. Only drinking some water with honey in the morning has very beneficial effects.

  1. MYTH: Mineral water causes heartburn

Mineral water won’t cause heartburn, but it can improve the already existing one, so it would be the best to avoid it or just drink regular water, especially with meals. Mineral water isn’t good for heartburn because the bubbles relax the bottom opening of the esophagus and that’s why it’s easier for the gastric acid to return into the esophagus and cause heartburn.

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