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And sadly, that’s ALL cancers combined.  The fastest growing age group is 34-54.  No longer just for your grand parents and parents friends.  This can happen to YOUR friends.

As a former athletic person, always focused on healthy eating person, I was shocked the day of my first heart attack.  Those who knew me best were stunned and immediately went to their doctors.  It’s very sad that the cardiologist tole me that we all die of either cancer or heart disease.  I just didn’t believe that.

Research began.  It was clear that how we eat really means more than we are often willing to admit to ourselves.  I cleaned up my eating even more.

After the 2nd heart attack–a massive heart that left my heart in bad shape–I found a cardiologist that knew immediately that I had a unique genetic mutation.  Before we could really assess things, I had another heart attack.  It was a long road of serious stress, relocation and more stress.

Finally, I got my DNA tested. Not a spec of cancer.  Every bad genetic thing related to heart, but not the usual one that gets most people.  If I’d had THAT gene, diet and exercise would have made a difference.

But that hasn’t changed how I eat.  I want everyone to eat as healthy. My general doctor said that aside from the heart issue, I’m in great shape.  (not the Trump kind of great shape that comes from fast food)

That’s why I have started the change to my new career. I know how easy it is to cook healthy, to eat healthy and to back off from processed foods.  Hire me to help you.  You will be amazed.imagetall

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