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aboutus_smI am a health advocate and cancer survivor in his early 70’s.  This blog site is the result of much research which began in February of 2015 when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 bladder cancer.  I encourage you to visit my About Me page for the full story of my journey on the road to health.  I am an avid researcher, always learning and growing as a human being.  My site will be full of reference links to aid in your own research.  I have a YouTube channel where you will find very interesting videos concerning health and cancer.  And I will also tell you what nutritional products I have found to be very effective, some of which I also sell, and others I link to the company where I purchase them.  Enjoy your visit.  Please comment and get involved, as I trust this site will evolve into a wider forum for sharing knowledge.  Read More…



Homemade-Syrup-That-Burns-Belly-Fat-–-The-Results-Are-Astonishing-9eca7942733fae933e1933fddb76f37419acd68cPhase 1 is about detox.

It is almost a certainty that your body is toxic given the contamination and pollution of our environment and food.   Everyone should go through some type of detoxification program at least once a year.  It is not unusual to discover that you have parasites, especially if you have pets.  We can also pick up parasites from poorly cleaned food.


Do I Really Have To Juice ?

Do you really want to beat cancer and get well ?  I am more inclined to drink some juiced veggies or a protein rich probiotic smoothie – if someone makes it and hand it to me – and if it tastes good!  But since it is just me, I have to suck it up and do the important things for myself.  But regardless of your family situation or personal circumstances, this is about taking responsibility for your own health, and not expecting someone else to do it for you.  Yes, your health may be such that you do need someone to take care of you to some degree.  The point here is that you take responsibility in that you do your own research and make informed decisions about how to treat your disease – then take action and/or cooperate in agreement with those decisions.  Your attitude will play a large role in determining the success of your treatment and results.

So yes, you need to juice.  And for most that will mean learning new information and skills.  As juicelineupstated before, buy a Magic Bullet, as it will give you whole plant nutrition.  I had little experience with juicing, so I set out to find some experts.  I found Hani Vari, also known as the Food Babe.  I recommend her Juice Cleanse Guide as a good place to get started.

Then I found the book Power Juicer, Super Drinks on Amazon.  While it does have recipes, it is more of an educational book.  But I think the best juicing book for beginner and advanced is Juicing: 365 Days of Juicing Recipes – 227 pages with lots of pictures and how-to recipes.

It may take some time and trial and error to get into the habit so that you actually look forward to them.  And with a Magic Bullet the clean up is a breeze!  By the time you have completed your 28 day detox and parasite cleanse, along with daily juicing, you should be feeling much better with more energy.  There is another element which is basic to your cancer treatment, and that is Essiac Tea.

Is It Time For Tea?


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