My Kidney Health

kidney health

We seldom think about our kidneys unless they stop working normally or we start having pain in the lower back and other symptoms. A recent blood panel revealed elevated ranges that indicated restricted urine flow rate and potential kidney disease. The kidneys processes waste and toxins, then passes it on to the bladder in your urine. One of the symptoms of bladder cancer is restricted urine flow, and over time this can cause back pressure in the kidneys so that they do not drain properly and remove toxins. Not being able to excrete the toxins is what causes kidney damage leading to renal failure. So a week ago I had surgery to insert drain tubes into each kidney, which are now draining into bags strapped to each thigh. While not too painful, the tubes are uncomfortable. Hopefully, once the bladder tumor is removed I will no longer need tubes to drain the kidneys. Right now I look like the Bionic Man with tubes dangling all over!

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