Come on… be honest… you’ve been there… right?  As I sit in my recliner sipping my 2nd cup of (organic) coffee on a dreary and cold Saturday watching some NFL… my Magic Bullet cup sits on the counter full of nutrition just waiting to be blended… so what’s the deal?

Procrastination – pure and simple.  It is a habit that all of us struggle with.  And it is a dangerous habit if we are fighting a serious health condition.  There was a FB post yesterday in a cancer group asking if they should drink Essiac Tea at certain times of the day.  Great thought… go for it.  My reply was good if you can, but really it is the “consistency” that is the key. Consistent effort over time delivers good results.  So understand friends that Life just unfolds each day and we try to fit everything into that flow of events.  What I am saying is, it is normal to forget or miss doing something, or just plain not feel like it today.  You should give yourself a break when that happens and remember, fighting a disease with a radical lifestyle change is a “journey” – not a “race.”  When I ran marathons I had to learn about the fast start to get position, then pacing myself, and the sprint to the finish line.  Know where you are in your journey and set your pace accordingly.  This is not to say it’s OK to procrastinate and just excuse yourself.  But rather understand that Life is a cycle of ebb and flow – and understanding where you are at in the moment will help you to know when to go with the flow and when to swim against the current.  The key point to take from this is to not get discouraged when you fail and just give up.  You can do this – you are doing this!

OK, guess I need to get off my soap box and go blend my bone broth protein shake and take my supplements – so what if I am 4 hours late – at least I am doing it!  Cheers…

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