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Video Transcript: The Diet That Helped Me Conquer Cancer

Ty Bollinger: One of the most fascinating things about what you just said to me was about the importance of the fats. There’s a lot of fats in many things, but you mentioned the fats. There’s so many diets that we hear “stay away from all of the fats,” but it sounds like that was an integral piece of your food that you were eating during that 40 days that helped you to heal.

Jordan Rubin: Absolutely. I was easily consuming 12 raw eggs a day. I consumed what would be the equivalent of sticks of raw butter. And mind you, I’m an organic farmer, so I have access to the best of the best. I believe that fats not only nourish the body, but I believe some fats − fats from avocado, fats from eggs − act in a sacrificial way to remove fat soluble toxins like metals and other toxins we’ve been exposed to and that’s really critical.

Most people think of detox as green juice and I drank plenty of it. Drank coconut water—lots of raw cleansing juices. I had a tomato and cucumber drink with unheated honey and all kinds of amazing nutrients added, but fat is absolutely the key and it was for me and I’ve seen it work for others. Not to say that a juice cleanse or various fasts don’t work, but in my case, I feel very strongly about the consumption of raw fats if you’re going after this dreaded disease that is beatable called cancer.

Ty Bollinger: Yes, it’s interesting that you did it from the perspective that worked for you. That diet works for you. I think it’s important for people that are watching to know that you treat it on an individual basis. But I think that many of the takeaways that you can get from what you just said are: number one, you’ve got to believe. And number two, you’ve got to not have a victim mentality—to see that you are already a cancer conqueror. I love that term. Do you mind if we use that?

Jordan Rubin: Absolutely. Survivor means you’re barely hanging on. You’re thriving, you’re conquering. That’s what it takes. This is a big game here. This is the big game. Get ready for it. Gird yourself up. Don’t let anyone around you who is going to say, “Oh, but you have cancer, how long do you have to live?”

I did not allow anyone in my life to speak death over me. The doctors that spoke death, were no longer my doctors. Relatives who spoke death, temporarily, were no longer my relatives—if you know what I mean.

Ty Bollinger: Yeah.

Jordan Rubin: Get yourself an inner circle that supports you and believes in you and go after this thing with gusto. But the universal truths here are: believe, have faith, and get that bitterness out of your body. I don’t care if you use oxidative therapies, I don’t care if you are using hyperthermia, I don’t care if you’re going to use all of these different various frequency machines. There are all kinds of good things to do, but you’ve got to believe, you’ve got to have faith, you have to speak the truth. You can’t accept this diagnosis as your life.

This doctor with a stethoscope and a lab coat does not know your future. He is not God, she is not God. But there is a God and He has already conquered sickness and death and my results prove that in my life and I believe it can in so many others.

Ty Bollinger: Amen brother and you know what? Cancer Conqueror, this is the last episode and we’re going to call it “Cancer Conquerors” now. I love that. I’m giving you credit now.

Jordan Rubin: All right.

Ty Bollinger: I’m ready for that. Thank you so much for sharing brother. Great information.

The Diet that Helped me Conquer Cancer

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