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Video Transcript: The Importance of Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

Ty Bollinger: One of the staples in your protocol to treat cancer is nutrition.

Dr. Linda Isaacs: Correct, yes.

Ty Bollinger: Can you talk about the importance of nutrition in treating cancer? Why does it play such a big role?

Dr. Linda Isaacs: Well, part of the issue with the work that we do is that as patients take the pancreatic enzymes and the enzymes work on the body, you need the body to be as strong as possible to handle that whole process because a lot of waste materials are formed.

And if you are eating in effect a lot of things that need to be processed and gotten rid of like pesticide residues or sprays or waxes or chemicals, those sorts of things, we think that that just puts an extra load on the body to process and deal with that kind of thing. You need good quality food to be able to have the energy to fight the cancer and to get rid of the waste materials as the enzymes work on cancer.

Certainly I think that nutritional issues can have a big part of why people get cancer in the first place. So it does not make sense to think that an illness created by a lifestyle can be managed without modifying that lifestyle. In other words, why would you want to go back to the same lifestyle that got you to where you did not want to be? You need to make some changes and diet has a big part to do with it.

Ty Bollinger: I love that. I love the quote about why would you want to go back to that lifestyle. If you have got a disease that is caused by these lifestyle issues, do not go back to where you came from.

It reminds me of a recent communication that I had from a cancer patient that had changed the diet, had done all these things and then went back and ended up—this was an email from a relative that the cancer patient had died. It is really sad to see that they had successfully reverted the cancer, cured the cancer, whatever you want to call it. The cancer; they were not being affected in a negative way from the cancer. And then they went back to their old eating habits, went back to their old lifestyle habits, and the cancer came back.

That is a common thread that I have seen over my years of research and I am guessing that that is a common thread that you have seen as well.


Dr. Linda Isaacs: Unfortunately, yes. But as much as I can I try to focus on the patients that do follow through because that is how you can see what is possible. All I can do is give people the tools; they have to choose to pick them up and keep using them.

Ty Bollinger: Kind of like the difference in—biblically speaking, between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing it but not necessarily applying it. Wisdom is when you apply it.

Dr. Linda Isaacs: Right, right.

Ty Bollinger: We want to be wise with this knowledge that we are obtaining on cancer and apply it to our lives.

Dr. Linda Isaacs: Exactly.

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