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Video Transcript: The Juice Lady’s Liver Cleanse Recipe

Ty Bollinger: One of our favorite juices—I need to get your approval here since you are the Juice Lady. But one of the ones that Charlene especially loves, my wife, is fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, and then garlic and ginger. And then we just put it in the Vitamix and blend it up. We put about ten cloves of garlic, couple of big things of ginger, and maybe half a thing full of juice. Blend it up with ice and it’s a smoothie. It’s so good.

Cherie Calbom: That sounds wonderful.

Ty Bollinger: Oh, it’s great.

Cherie Calbom: I’ve been doing one in the morning. This is a liver cleanse, a gentle, gentle liver cleanse.

Ty Bollinger: Are you reading my notes? Because that’s my next question.

Cherie Calbom: Was it?

Ty Bollinger: Yeah, go ahead, hit me up.

Cherie Calbom: I didn’t see that. Alright, here we go. I’ve been doing this one because I’m starting on my summer liver cleanse. Any time of year is a great time to cleanse, but summer is just wonderful. Spring and summer when it’s warmer and we can definitely eat lighter because it’s just warmer. So I’m doing one.

But my morning shake is the juice of one lemon and one lime and you can add orange too if you want to. For me that’s too much sugar. My body just does not like sugar at all, even orange juice. But you can put orange juice in there for sure. And then you add about a cup of water, a bunch of ice cubes, as many as you want to make it the temperature you want. A tablespoon of olive oil, one garlic clove, and a little chunk of ginger.

And that’s day one. Day two, it’s two cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of olive oil. And then day three, three and three. Four and four. Day five, five and five. Five garlic cloves, five tablespoons of olive oil and the rest is the same. Don’t breath on anyone that day.

Ty Bollinger: Because of the garlic.

Cherie Calbom: No. I’m just teasing you.

Ty Bollinger: You need to make sure your husband or wife is drinking with you, right?

Cherie Calbom: Or chew on parsley. That takes away the garlic breath. Along with a carrot salad, a beet salad, and a potassium broth soup, and a beet juice drink, and a green juice drink, that is your liver cleanse. A gentle liver cleanse program. And then you can add salads and soups and stir fries. It should be an all vegetable week.

This is my one day out. I’m not doing that today but I’m going to pick back up and complete my liver cleanse for the rest of the week.

I say to everyone who has cancer, who has had cancer, and has been through chemo and/ or radiation: you must, must, must cleanse your liver. Cleanse your whole body because those things are so toxic.

Ty Bollinger: You’re in the middle of it then?

Cherie Calbom: Yeah, I took a day off. But it’s a wonderful gentle, very gentle, liver cleanse. There are many others that are more heavy duty with herbs and different tinctures that you can add in. But if you want to do a gentle one, that is a great way to start working into it.

Beets are wonderful for the liver. They are known as a liver food, liver cleanse food, along with many others. The dark leafy greens, and carrots, olive oil, lemon juice, all of that is just wonderful for a liver cleansing. And with my carrot salad and beet salad I make them with the pulp. So I juice a beet first and pull out the pulp. And then I juice all my carrots to get a cup of pulp.

And then add lemon juice and olive oil dressing to each of them; they’re separate. I put cinnamon in there, in my dressing, because it just sparks up the flavor a whole lot. I love cinnamon. And then you eat your beet salad a couple of tablespoons at a time throughout the day. Your carrot salad you can eat all at once. But it’s done for you. It’s so fast. It’s all done for you.

Ty Bollinger: And it really cleanses the liver? All these steps together?

Cherie Calbom: Yes. And if anyone has had chemo and radiation it’s extremely important that you cleanse your liver. And I say to everyone who has cancer, who has had cancer, and has been through chemo and/or radiation, you must, must, must cleanse your liver. Cleanse your whole body because those things are so toxic. And if you don’t it’s going to stay in your body and it could contribute to cancer coming back, along with all the other toxicity that was there and contributed to cancer in the first place.

Ty Bollinger: So really good advice to cleanse that liver. Because the things we are using, the conventional treatments actually could be carcinogenic. They actually are known to be carcinogenic.

Cherie Calbom: Yes, and highly toxic for the body. But before you cleanse your liver, and we talked about it earlier, always cleanse your colon. Because we want that channel of elimination very open and as clean as possible so that when the liver starts dumping the toxins, it can get on out; get through your body.

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