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We should all know that breakfast is the most important thing and we should not skip it.

Even when we are in the middle of some diet for weight loss we should consume healthy breakfast with the proper nutritious ingredients.

One study, conducted in 2008 showed that you can eliminate the abdominal fat only by consuming one thing – eggs.


They are packed with proteins

Every breakfast should contain large amount of proteins which will give you the feeling of satiety so you can wait the lunch. It is recommended that we should enter at least 20g of proteins through our first meal of the day. 1 egg contains about 6 to 7g of proteins. That is why you should consume eggs for breakfast.

Practical choice

You can eat one hard-boiled egg when you feel hungry or you want to take snack. That would be pretty healthy snack. It is also easy to prepare. Egg has small amount of calories but it will surely keep you satiated till the next meal.


Eat one hard-boiled egg and one apple. They both have approximately 160 calories. This meal should be enough to keep you away from unhealthy foods like processed meat and foods with large amounts of sugar.

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